Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Tribute

Today I wish to sing the accolades of a member of my family whose duties are so often taken for granted.  He selflessly and willingly gives of himself to all of us.  At times I'm sure he thinks it might be a thankless job, but I love him for it. It falls to him to assure our safety and our well being. He makes sure all in working order and we are protected from the elements and warm. I am speaking of my wonderful husband Corvette Man. 

This man will sleep only half the night and still awaken at four o'clock in the morning with me to drive the six hundred or so feet to the gate of our property and open it for me in the rain, the sleet, the snow even in the warm.  He is relentless.  This man selflessly makes sure I am not attacked by a coyote or a deer (Believe it can happen, just ask our oldest son.) or maybe even some deranged person in the dark.

To clarify. Corvette Man stands in the rain and unlocks the gate for me. Then he opens it in order for me to drive my car through, thus releasing me from any obligation of exiting the warm confines of my heated vehicle. Am I spoiled or what?.

He doesn't rest until he is assured all is well with his family. I am eternally in his debt. I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell him how much I appreciate the care and attention he gives me and our children.

Thank you Corvette Man.  Thank God he sent you to me. You are another slice of heaven.

Love Jeannene.

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