Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chile Lights

Today I would like to pay homage to my chile lights.

What on earth are you talking about? You ask.  For anyone who has had an opportunity to visit our little piece of heaven, you will recognize that of which I speak, and we don't get that many visitors out here so you are a select few.

I hail from the far reaches of wonderful ole Texas, El Paso to be specific. The hispanic influence on that area of the state is profound.  For me it crept into my very soul during the eleven and a half years I basked in the glorious heat of the desert southwest. Three of my four children were born in this locale. Needless to say, I formed deep attachments to the area.  Almost everything I eat, and try to force my family to eat, has some sort of Mexican flavor or inspiration. None of that was discounted when it came to designing and decorating the interior of our home. I love all things Mexican.

To provide the necessary solace for our separation from the desert and its wondrous mystery and beauty, I found some red chile lights and strung them on the rafters in the front room. It reminded me of El Paso, and Corvette Man loved them too.

This is a mega close up.  Can you sense the ambiance?
They really give you a happy feeling, don't you think?

 Everyone needs a little happy in their life, so says my daughter. (She is screaming for joy at my entry!)

This is a view of the whole room.  Warm ambiance throughout the space. I love home.
If it looks like a barn you're looking at, that's exactly what you see.  We decided to make our house out of the barn.

So my friends, this is the first thing you will see as you enter our home.  Happy slices.

Love, Jeannene

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