Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Disaster - Almost

Finally it is superbowl week end.  Yesterday's food purchases were made in anticipation of this evening's game. The morning plans involved early preparations of pulled beef sandwiches and slow cooked brisket - both dishes requiring a minimum of four hours cooking time.  Of course that meant I chopped and marinated some of this last night to place the meat in the cooker at nine o'clock this morning.  The house was meticulously cleaned and any other chores completed long before the five o'clock pregame show.

I served the PW pulled beef sandwiches, wonderful flavor and filling, and cleaned up a little in the kitchen and turned to our TV to find the the station for the game.  Flipping through the channels we discovered no one speaking of the game, no pregame articles of players or predictions of the game outcome.  AAACH! It could only mean one thing.....

It should be noted at this point that our household does not  pay for any cable subscription nor do we own a satellite in order to receive television stations. This woman is cheap and thrifty.  We watch our TV shows via rabbit ears - free reception albeit sparing in choices. Today we discovered the ONE station our antenna does not receive is the CBS station.  BUMMER.

As is the case in most desperate circumstances, necessity is the mother of invention.  I moved the rabbit ears unit this way and that - all to no avail. The channel in question continued to register "no signal" on the screen.  You cannot fully appreciate the frustration of a black screen with those words floating around on it, especially when the game is in the throws of the National Anthem. Upon the realization of the doom of our superbowl evening, with nothing left to loose, I took our measly little rabbit ears antenna and tossed it out the nearest window. That was without a doubt a childish maneuver. But...

Can you believe it? It was a miracle! That darn station came in loud and clear! The antenna lay sprawled on the ground.

No one was more amazed than myself.  Corvette Man and I laughed and laughed.  I have been complaining about not receiving that station since the digital changeover. Little did I know that all I should do was toss the antenna on its head out the window.

This is a closer view.  
At the moment we are enjoying the Colts working over the Saints in perfect clarity.  It's a miracle!

Of course, we can't leave the thing out there.  The cats will chew on it and the chickens will find something unpleasant to coat it with, but for the moment we have CBS in perfect order.

A wonder small slice.

Love, Jeannene

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  1. That is a great story! We lived for two years outside of Atlanta with only an antenna but when they moved all the Braves games to Turner South and Fox Sports we broke down and got the sat. had to watch the Braves!