Friday, February 19, 2010

Hanging Around

I was at home today. I love being at home. Home restores me, rejuvenates me, it infuses me with new life. I use my time to catch up on house cleaning, laundry and cooking. Cleaning and laundry are necessities, but cooking is a joy. It might stem from the fact I enjoy eating that cooking draws me into the kitchen so often, but creating culinary delights my family enjoys gives me a sense of accomplishment. Today I do not intend to go to the kitchen, though. Another conundrum presented itself this morning as I went about my drudgery.

I have a beautiful state of the art, matched set Maytag washer and dryer. I love Maytag products. They work well and hardly ever break down. There is something wrong with the programming on my dryer. The thing beeps incessantly and, at times, it will not turn on when requested. This morning it refused to start. I was sad. There were three loads of wet clothes and towels awaiting an opportunity to have the moisture beat from their fibers. After three hours of making the trip into the laundry room and pushing the button only to have...nothing happen, I conceded the issue and decided to resort to my only other alternative. I must preface that this alternative is my first choice in warm weather, but at forty degrees it leaves something to be desired.

I resorted to the clothes line.

Notice the cat in the foreground. There were more cats when I was hanging.

I love the clothesline in the spring and summer. Corvette Man and our sons installed this beautiful piece of art (I am not kidding either) shortly after our home was erected. He knows how much joy I take in standing in the sun, even if it means hanging clothes. Today they dried quickly because a south wind blew at a fair clip. 

After they were fresh and crisp, the dryer decided to start.

All in all, it was a good day and this clothes line truly is a treasured piece of heaven.


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